About OppoDepot.com

What is OppoDepot?

OppoDepot.com is the Internet's only nonpartisan, collaborative Web 2.0 source for negative information about the 2008 presidential candidates.

Why do we need OppoDepot?

Traditionally, "oppo research" -- the art of finding out damaging information about political candidates -- has been carried out exclusively by high-paid professional operatives. For the campaigns that employ them, this means tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in needless expense. For the rest of us, this means that we learn the information only when (or if) a small elite wants us to know.

In order to justify their high fees, opposition researchers like to pretend that they have special, proprietary sources. But in fact, most negative information about candidates is already out there, just waiting to be discovered by anyone: in the neglected archives of local papers, in public records (of legislative votes, speeches, arrests, and so on), or in the social networks of those who have known the candidates over the years.

OppoDepot aims to harness the power of the many to create better, faster oppo research that is free to all. We believe that together, we can beat the professionals at their own game, and more quickly get the information that we need to make our important political decisions.

How do I submit a piece of information?

It's easy -- click on the relevant candidate's profile on our front page and read the oppo that has already been gathered.   If you don't see your information already there, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page. If your tip passes vetting by the OppoDepot staff, then we'll add it as soon as we can , usually within 48 to 72 hours.

What are the criteria for inclusion? Does the OppoDepot staff favor a particular candidate or party?

OppoDepot is 100% nonpartisan. We will never exclude any information on any candidate, whether Democrat, Republican, or other, so long as the information meets two simple criteria: (a) it must be sourced with attribution, and (b) given the credibility of the source, it must reasonably have the potential to damage the chances of the candidate in question.

What does it mean for information to be "sourced with attribution"?

All items must have been previously published elsewhere, though this can include other Internet sites, such as blogs. The more credible the source (i.e., the place where the item was published), the more likely that the item will be seen as having a reasonable chance to damage the candidate, and therefore added. Items submitted without sources will not be added.

If my information is rejected, will I receive a notification telling me why?

Unfortunately, the OppoDepot staff is unable to respond personally to every rejection. If your information does not appear within a week, then you should assume that it was deemed not to have a reasonable enough chance to damage the candidate.

I have information on a candidate who's not on your list. What should I do?

Be patient! During this busy campaign season, new candidates are announcing themselves faster than we can keep up. If a candidate has announced, we guarantee that we're working on adding them to the site.

What if I have other questions?

Then email us!


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